2024 AACR-KCA Joint Conference on Precision Medicine in Cancer November 21(Thu) – 22(Fri), 2024 | Lotte Hotel Seoul, Korea

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AACR-KCA Policy on Disclosure of the Structure of Chemical Compounds

Disclosure of complete chemical structures of compounds used in the conduct of research is essential for the comprehensive scientific assessment of proffered papers and ensuring high-quality scientific presentations at AACR-KCA meetings.

Chemical compounds are defined as low molecular weight (generally <1000g/mol) organic or inorganic molecules, peptides, or proteins/nucleic acids co-crystallized with low molecular weight molecules.

At the time of abstract submission, the submitting author is required to state whether chemical compounds were used in the scientific work to generate the data in the proffered paper. If so, the corresponding author is further required to indicate whether the complete chemical structures of the compounds used will be disclosed at the time of presentation at the meeting. The chemical structures are not required to be included at the time of abstract submission; rather, indication of the intent to disclose any such structures at the time of presentation is required.

The Abstract Review Committee will then evaluate the information provided by the submitting author and determine the acceptability of the proffered paper for presentation.

Please explain why you do not intend to disclose the relevant chemical structures during your presentation at the meeting. If needed, enter the literature reference and/or patent application number for the structure in question. Your explanation and reference information will be made available to the Scientific Review Committee members responsible for reviewing your abstract.

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The AACR and KCA will be offering a limited number of Abstract Awards for early-career presenters of meritorious abstracts.

Eligible individuals will be selected based on the quality of their abstract.
To be considered for an award, an individual must:


Be 45 years of age or younger at the time of the conference


NOT be employees or subcontractors of for-profit, private industry

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